No, not currently. While EIC does want to reward people for working on proposals, whether won or lost, we currently do not have a good way of doing that at the moment. We encourage people to record the time they spend working on proposals in their timesheets so we can get a better understanding of the costs of developing proposals and potentially reward people that do a lot of proposal development in some way. The main way people are rewarded for working on proposals is by winning the proposal and being part of the team that deliver the work. 

Some of the options we are currently considering for rewarding people for working on proposals includes:

  • Credits (hours x discounted rate) that would reduce their membership fees
  • Credits (hours x discounted rate) that would go towards equity ownership
  • Credits (hours x discounted rate) that would be reimbursed in the event the proposal is won
  • A finders fee or commission for each proposal won / sale generated

Please share your thoughts about these ideas on Slack and feel free to propose alternatives!