Questions about how EIC member consultants rates are determined and what type of things can impact upon the money that consultants earn.

How are project expenses managed and reimbursed? Are there per diems?

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As EIC operates on a net-zero project basis all project expenses need to be charged back to the project and deducted from the client fee on the project (i.e., included in project economics calculations). Whether this is done on a per diem basis or on actual expense claim and reimbursement is up to the project manager. [...]

Does EIC charge commission?

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EIC does NOT charge a direct commission on the income generated by individual consultants. EIC does charge an administration commission (Overhead Charge) on projects operated under the EIC brand or legal umbrella. We do not agree with the current way the HR Recruitment industry and Free-lance work portals like or tax their consultants sometimes [...]

Are consultant rates gross or net of tax? Will consultants tax be reimbursed?

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Consultant rates should be negotiated with the project manager on a gross basis - i.e., the total amount paid by EIC to the consultant. For example, if Consultant A is registered for Goods and Services Tax (GST) in Australia and is required to charge EIC 10% GST, the rate negotiated with EIC should be inclusive of [...]

What is the difference between the client budget rate and consultant budget rate? Is there a maximum client budget rate and if so what is it?

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On a fixed fee client project the client budget rate should be the sum of the consultants budget rates multiplied by their expected hours required to complete the project plus the EIC overhead. On some proposals where there is a large degree of uncertainty or the client budget is expected to accommodate some flexibility a project [...]

How are consultant rates determined?

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Consultant rates are determined by negotiation between the project manager and the consultants in accordance with the EIC remuneration policy. The policy sets a minimum acceptable consultant budget rate ($30 USD p/hr) and advises on the kind of factors that project manager and consultants should take into consideration in determining budget rates.

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