The EIC Approach

As a consortium, we bring a great deal of flexibility and a wide variety of expertise to each and every project we undertake. All our consultants are focused and passionate about creating positive social change and therefore we do not accept projects or clients that are purely commercial or that do not have a clear element of social impact. While the majority of our clients are international NGO’s due to the more direct link that offers to social impact we consider each opportunity for collaboration individually and consider the private and government sectors as essential stakeholders in creating systemic solutions.

Our approach is founded on an understanding of the power of diversity and collaboration in solving complex problems. A diversity of mindsets, subject-matter-expertise, cultural backgrounds and problem-solving approaches working in alignment are more likely to identify an appropriate solution and make it more resilient to future challenges. Collaboratively developed solutions are also preferred because stakeholders are more likely to accept, adopt and implement solutions that they have been personally involved in creating. However, diversity and collaboration can create conflict. We seek to manage that conflict and deliver a consistent level of customer service by adhering to the following principles:

We are capable of transitioning support, adapting roles, ending or starting contracts at short notice. This includes switching between a manager/mentor role and a doer role within the same contract.

No entrenched position to protect, unlike an employee and therefore able to share opinions, thoughts and ideas openly while maintaining respect.

We set clear expectations about workload, availability and expected deliverables and are upfront if expectations seem unrealistic.

Able to empathize with clients’ requirements, end-users needs, the aims and goals of the project and competing priorities.

Ambitious in pursuit of change, willing to take on projects with unclear outcomes and trust that a solution will emerge from a collaborative process.