Membership Structure

Participation in Eureka Idea Co. is negotiated on a case by case basis to arrive at a mutually agreeable situation. We are seeking to build a reliable, respectful, deeply understood and connected community. Integral to this process is trust. To develop your trust in us, and our trust in you, we generally follow a 3 step process.

1. Request a trial membership.
Upon approval you will be granted Affiliate Membership status for a period of 3 months.

2. Participate in the community.
Some things you can do to increase members awareness of your expertise include: Providing input on a proposal; reviewing others work pro-bono; helping create a solution concept notes, creating thought leadership; developing partnerships; and contracting with other consultants.

3. Be invited to become a member.
At the conclusion of your trial membership you will have an interview with one of the equity members. Your involvement in the community, skills, experience and fit with the consortium will be assessed and your participation in the consortium discussed. There are 6 potential outcomes from this discussion :

  • Join our monthly mailing list of opportunities with the aim of participating when the right project comes along at the right time.
  • Your profile will be added to our consultant roster so we can match you to projects in need of your skills.
  • Submit jobs you need help with to our opportunities pipeline so other consultants can contact you if interested or willing to help.
  • Not actively involved in the community with no access to the Slack team communication platform, the knowledge management system or the Eureka Idea Co brand materials.
  • Only permitted to contract directly on a pro rata basis. Not permitted to participate in EIC risk and reward contracts.
  • All Affiliate membership benefits, PLUS
  • Access to Slack team communication platform where new opportunities are announced and updated in real-time and through which client projects conducted under the EIC brand are managed. Access to Slack also enables you to directly communicate with any of the consortium members and create private slack channels for the delivery of confidential projects.
  • Access to the EIC Knowledge management platform including shared service support, thought leadership library, client project files, business development templates, and individual Google Drive storage.
  • Permission to use Eureka Idea Co Brand materials and act as a licensed representative of the consortium. Provision of a ‘@EurekaIdea.Co’ email address.
  • Participation in EIC risk and reward contracts
  • Join our monthly mailing list of opportunities with the aim of participating in solution development or improving proposal success rates through appropriate partnering or technical review.
  • Participate in our quarterly internal review process to identify priority process improvements and changes in strategic direction.
  • Participate in solution development on an ad-hoc, self-selection basis
  • Optional silent equity ownership
  • Receive monthly mailing list of opportunities
  • Receive guest access to Slack account to collaborate on specific projects
  • Consultant must be responsive to requests to review other consultants client deliverable on a pro-bono basis.
  • All consulting membership benefits, PLUS
  • Transferable equity ownership share in Eureka Idea Co Pty Ltd
  • Share ownership rights as per the Australian Government Corporations Act 2001 including proportional share of profit generated, dividends declared and Annual General Meeting voting rights.

Our current members currently agree that the ability to smooth demand for services, provide better solutions through collaborative and diverse teams and build transferable goodwill is important. However, Eureka Idea Co may not be for everyone and it is possible that at the end of your trial membership that either you or we decide that further participation is not necessary.

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