EIC Members

EIC members come from diverse cultural, social, educational and technical backgrounds and we are located all around the world. We cherish and actively seek to expand the diversity of our membership base in order to develop better solutions and provide better services to our clients.

The EIC membership base currently consists of 20 members located in Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East and North America and with nearly 200 years of combined development experience in these regions as well as Central and South America. In addition to the broad geographical expertise our consultants also offer a wide range of services drawn from their varied education and technical expertise.

The consortium operates a tiered membership structure to enable maximum flexibility:

  • Our community of practice members are not actively consulting through EIC but are available to provide input, review and feedback on a case-by-case basis.
  • Our Affiliate and Primary members are actively consulting through the consortium to varying degrees, with Affiliate members less actively engaged than Primary members.
  • Equity members are typically active consulting members who are also co-owners of the consortium. However, non-consulting equity memberships are also possible. The consortium is governed by the Equity members and the Advisory Board members, with the later specifically responsible for representing the interests of all members in the strategic development of EIC.

Please select the focus area, skills or education type you are seeking to filter our members accordingly: