The embedded window below displays the pooled opportunities currently available to EIC members. Please contact the relevant opportunity lead on Slack to find out more or indicate your interest in supporting bids and proposals related to these opportunities. Likewise, feel free to express an interest in projects that have already been won.

Last update: 15th January 2020

How to use the pipeline

Click ‘View larger version’ to see a full-screen version of the pipeline. This is a KanBan board so the pipeline is organised in stacks with opportunity cards placed in a stack according to its status.

Scroll down within each stack to see more opportunities that have the same status. Scroll right to see opportunities further along the pipeline and scroll left to see opportunities at the start of the pipeline. Click on a given card to see more information about the opportunity, including links to the RFP.

  • ‘Identified’ opportunities have been posted on the Slack channel but a decision has not yet been made to pursue the opportunity and the lead may not have been identified.
  • ‘Qualified’ opportunities have been reviewed and a decision made to develop a proposal. In most cases the opportunity should have been discussed with the relevant contact and decision maker and a proposal lead selected.
  • ‘Proposed’ opportunities have had a proposal or application submitted and are awaiting feedback.
  • ‘Negotiating’ usually means we have received verbal confirmation of our selection but that some scope or fee discussions need to occur prior to the contract being signed.
  • ‘Closed – Won’ means we have a signed contract.