Questions about how individual consultants roles and responsibilities on a project are defined and managed

Can consultants choose how much time they can contribute to the project and what happens if that needs to change during the project?

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Consultants need to continuously communicate how much time they have for a project so that the project manager can ensure the project is resourced appropriately. Changes are possible but need to communicated as soon as possible. Consultants who frequently change availability or are unreliable are likely to lose respect with project managers and find it difficult [...]

Will there be a defined scope of work for individual consultants on a project? If not, how is consultant performance assessed?

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Generally, the point of EIC is to encourage collaboration and share risk and we consider the best way of doing that is to have everyone on the team responsible within their contract for the final deliverables to the client, rather than an individual scope of work. This is primarily because the collection of individual scope of [...]

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