Questions about the different levels of membership such as how they are defined and what kind of access they come with.

How are non-equity members involved in the ownership and governance of the consortium

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Non-Equity members still have a Board member voting right, although they have no financial ownership of the consortium. These voting rights mean Members get a direct say in the governance of EIC, including the strategic direction the consortium takes, the services offered, the problems we focus on addressing, the price of membership fees, how membership fee's [...]

How are membership fee’s determined and how is the consortium valued?

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Membership fees are determined on a cost plus mark-up basis to ensure that the direct costs and expected administration costs for each membership type for the year are covered. Costs are covered by the membership fee’s and the expected administration commission charged on projects delivered under the EIC brand and legal umbrella.  The  consortium is currently [...]

How do I become an Equity Member of the consortium? Are non-consulting investors permitted?

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Becoming an Equity member is a little more complicated than other membership types, because it means you become a co-owner of the consortium. To become an equity member or a non-consulting investor of the consortium you will either need to buy an existing share from a current share-holder or obtain a newly-issued share. The process of [...]

 Do members share their contacts in a central database?

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While pooling of members professional contacts in a central Contact Relationship Management (CRM) system is envisioned to be a powerful way of expanding and strategically identifying opportunities where we can have the most impact, we are still developing a secure and simple way of doing this. Over the next three years we expect to phase in [...]

Why don’t Subscriber Members get access to the EIC collaboration platform (Slack)?

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The Subscribers membership fee is kept to a minimal to enable people to stay in touch with what the consortium is doing so that if an opportunity comes along that they really like and would be a value-added participant on, they can then elect to get more involved. Keeping fee’s low means not providing them with [...]

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