After nearly 9 months of concept development and collaboration between a small group of independent consultants Eureka Idea Co. (EIC) has been born as a company in WA, Australia. The company will serve as a vehicle for enabling independent consultants to work efficiently with diverse sets of stakeholders to develop solutions for systemic problems driving inequality in our society. During our gestation period, common themes kept emerging in our discussions with other independent consultants and potential collaborators:

  • Free-lance consulting is a lonely, risky, unpredictable business with incredible autonomy, flexibility and ownership. No wonder free-lancing is touted as the ‘future of work’ and is becoming an increasing component of the workforce.
  • Diversity and collaboration help us think in many different ways and more comprehensively, it increases inspiration and creativity, reduces risk, and improves the quality of outputs. It also takes time, courage, trust and respect.
  • Purpose is important for happiness, mental health and motivation. We all do our best work when driven by a sense of purpose and the possibility of making the world a better place, especially for those who are most vulnerable. It also keeps us focused on whats important, which, luckily, isn’t money!
  • The aid and development industry is heavily reliant on flexible independent consultants whom are often contracted to deal with opaque situations and/or needs with insufficient stakeholder engagement through a market rife with inefficient matching processes.

Stay tuned as we build these core concepts into our service offerings!