Opportunities are initially posted and discussed in the public #2_leads channel on Slack and if there is sufficient support for the project, it is qualified and a proposal developed by the interested consultants. While there is no formal qualification process the following criteria are taken into consideration:

  • What is the potential social impact of the project?
  • What is the budget?
  • What is the proposal deadline?
  • What is the project deadline?
  • How many people are willing to commit to writing the proposal (i.e are interested in doing the work)?
  • What is EIC’s competitive positioning 
    • Do we think we have a fair chance of winning the work?
    • Have we worked for the client before?
    • Do we have a unique sales proposition / clear value-add?
  • Do the key consultants listed in the proposal have the availability to deliver the project

There are few formal requirements for a proposal to be developed under the EIC legal structure and brand. These include:

  • The lead consultant must be a paid-up member of EIC
  • The lead consultant must have notified an EIC director of the proposal and a review of the proposal by an EIC director needs to be arranged prior to submission.
  • The proposal should be duly authorised by an EIC director

Directors of EIC reserve the right to forbid the submission of any proposal at any time if they deem that it poses a risk to EIC.